Pexstral Studios as a information technology agency that helps companies overtake the competition, specializes in complex, sophisticated IT projects and web development to help companies digitally transform their business and their industry. Get world-class enterprise engineering, design and technology consulting services to skyrocket your operations, customer service, and automate business processes.

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For over 24 years we have given our clients the peace they really deserve with their technology!

Our clients vary in industry from doctor offices to law practices, from consulting firms to non-profit organizations. Our clients range in size from large national companies with remote branch offices to small home offices with mobile users. Crescent IT Systems understands your business has specific technology challenges and we know how to support your business technology.

Core Values

Do the right thing everytime! Our core values are based on this central goal. We are partners with our clients, acting to ensure that their technical assets are up and operating in the most profitable, secure and efficient way possible. We are here for our clients for the long term relationship.

Our Roles

  1. Guides – Given your budget, current technical assets, and current needs, we will identify the right solution to meet your immediate as well as your future needs.
  2. Designers – Pexstral Studios will design the solution to integrate with your current technology. All technology has layers of dependencies that are effected by changes to the environment that have to be taken into account.
  3. Implementors – Once a design of an optimal solution is identified, it is time to implement the solution. We have the years of experience and resources to get your technology going.
  4. Security – Security is one of our most important roles to ensure that the technology only allows access to the authorized members of your company. Again, we view technology in layers and must implement security solutions that encompass all areas of your assets.
  5. Advocate – Our clients utilize other software and hardware from 3rd party vendors and need someone to be advocates for them with their vendors. We act as advocates and business partners for our clients. No finger pointing, just results from your vendors.
  6. Monitoring – Our 24/7 monitoring of our clients servers, workstations and network devices by the Network Operations Center (NOC) provides a fast response in knowing if a resource is having issues often before you do.
  7. Maintenance – Our remote and on-site IT support accomplishes the day to day needs as well as addresses the proactive care a company needs to prevent the downtime no company can afford.

The most important role we play is your Business Partner. We act as a vested business partner to protect and serve your company, and to make sure that you are operating as efficient, safe and profitable as possible. We are here for the long term relationship and earn our relationship with you each month!

Meet Our Customers

Companies around the globe, just like yours, yearn for custom software that makes them stand out from the billions of companies online. We are proud to serve as a technology partner for industry disruptors and innovators.


Pexstral Studios goes well beyond expectations. We provide complex services to meet a variety of challenges global businesses face today. We offer innovative technology solutions to fit every need with our customers’ success in mind.

— Dedicated Development Team

— IT Consulting Services

— Software Development

— Mobile App Development

— Q/A and Testing

— Technical Support


Pexstral Studios experts have relevant domain expertise in the following industries, allowing to understand the business needs, industry trends, and customer expectations. We help companies leverage the power of technology specifically for their niche to get ahead of the competition and innovate their industry.

— Fintech

— Retail

— Healthcare

— Insurance (Insurtech)

— Media & Entertainment

— Travel & Hospitality

— Logistics & Transportation

— Energy

— Agritech

— Automotive